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I just got my QuickCam Pro 4000, and i played with it for hours today and i played with some settings trying to get megapixel mode to be nice and smooth at 30fps. i got it to work once by just going from 160x120 mode to megapixel, and it was so smooth at 30fps omg no blurring if you wave. theni jump down to 640x480 and it was the same so i could record, and i played with it for so long with my cats and stuff. the video was so great and smooth.

then it got dark and i found this backlight thing and turned it on and bam it went back to being choppy and blurry like 10fps or something. So i turned it off and it still was the same WTF!! I tried so many settings and i cant get it to be the same as it was before with 640x480 being at 30fps. now i am so pissed off. the only same video fps smoothness i can get like that again is by going to the smallest, which is 160x120...

What can i do to change that so i can have it at 30fps at 640x480 again like i did before?? It is now pissing me off. i tried so many things. maybe im doing it wrong or missing something out...

help me plz thanks!
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