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Quieter ride??

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My friend has a 98 Accord V6 Sedan and i have a 96 civic coupe. I noticed how much quieter his ride is than mine, I just get more road noise. Is there any way to insulate the inside of my door panels or anything else? i did see some sort of liner for trunks but I think that was just for acoustics like for subs and stuff. Has anyone ever done this before or know of any way to do this?:confused:
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I got the same problem....I'm thinking its my Wheel gonna change them soon. It could be the same for you.
tires can sometimes transmit lots of road noise too, my car (94 dx sedan w/ stock wheels) got considerably quieter when i replaced old BFG tires with new Yokohama.
Also if you have ever wrecked/crunched car and had it straightened this will make car lots louder on the inside because door/window seals are not perfect. (know this unfortunately from experience :( )
Hmmm..never thought of that. I might get rims(with new tires of couse) for my birthday, so if I do i'll let you know. But is there any insulation stuff that you can buy to make it even quieter? some sort of liner?
there is this foamy stuff in a can you can buy. you spray it out and then it expands into foam. you can spray it inside your trunk lid and your dorrs probly too.
Dyno mat.

that is all.

you can buy Dynamat kits for doors/speakers/trunk which will give some insulation from road noise. another option would be to go into your attic (if you have one) and rip out some of that pink fiberglass insulation. cut it to fit in the door panels and insert it everywhere you can.
Yea, the dynomat is made to keep the sound out and your music in so it will benefit you in two ways. This would probably be your best bet if you can afford it. That shit is expensive!
dynamat is way overpriced, but great shit. i work at bestbuy and get the discount, the box of 12sqft of the Xtreme shit u guys get for 100 bucks, i get for 30. all it is is tar and tinfoil. find some cheaper stuff online, and itl work great for u. i just finsiehd my trunk and back seat all the panneling up in it. and u can tell the difference.
OH MAN u suck! I would kill to get some dynomat that cheap. My door speakers are always shaking something in the door when I turn them up. You should feel lucky. :(
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