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Just had my first REAL race tonight and wanted to share my exp. with you guys. My friend just got a 1998 3.0 CL last week and we were talking about whos car would be faster (mines is a stock 5th gen lude 5spd). I just got my car last month also so im not a real good driver either.
Well anyways we went out tonight to JV and waited for the perfect time to go at it. waited at a red light we were both first. As soon as the light turned green i had a little bit of wheel spin but had my best launch yet chirped into second and by this time i was a little bit ahead ... and then chirped into third and by now my friend was even with me but when i shifted into 4th i started gaining on him again and then i quickly called hit my hazards lol to indicate i got ur sawry ass lolz. we did it three times to get the best out of 3 and i got him 2-1. i learned tonight that racing is def a rush and you have to keep in control of ur car cant get too nervous otherwise your shifting suffers and costs u the race (thats why i lost once) but anyways sorry for making this long had to tell someone about it hehe.
anyone else raced a 3.0 with thier lude and beat them? maybe i was supposed to beat him but keep in mind im not that good of a driver yet.
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