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Racing Cat-Need help !!!

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Just installed Ractive catalytic converter on 96 GSR. Ractive converter only has 1 O2 sensor fitting my GSR has 2 O2 sensors on stock converter. What do I do with extra sensor ?? Check engine light is on ! HELP.
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Hey you stole my old sig....:mad: hehe. You must of bought a cat for an obd 1 vehicle. Anyhow what lots of turbo guys do is they wrap it up in aluminum foil and bring it back into the cabin. Usually that works but sometimes you still throw a code. You can buy o2 simulators that trick the ecu so it thinks the sensor is working correctly too.
thanks for the info. Any idea where I would be able to purchase these trick O2 sensors ? Does driving with the code affect performance ? :(
You can check Ask for ben. The code doesnt hurt your performance just if you throw another code you wont know since they light will just stay on.
YA BABY !!! I've wrapped O2 sensor in aluminum foil and everything seems to be running fine and NO CODES !!!!Thankx guys !!:) :cool:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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