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PAC-MAN said:
So fellow SHO members/Officers, is it true that if radar is being shot at you and you take your foot off the gas and coast that the radar won't read? I have always heard this and just want 100% clerification.
Also feel free to reveal any special things we should know about radar and laser.........oh yeah The Valentine One...does it really work? My friend swears by it and I used it once and liked it but didn't get much action with it.
Radar sends a constant signal at the speed of light at your car, (as long as the operator is holding the trigger) then back to the receiver. You're reaction isnt anywhere near as fast enough to beat that. Radar will bounce off of the largest object thats moving. Because of this, radar is usually only used on lightly traveled roads.
Laser, on the other hand, is prefered on heavy traffic areas. Works like radar, but you aim it by looking through a hologram sight, and it tells you how far the object is that you are targeting.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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