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radiator overflow?

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I'm curious about my radiator overflow.

when i first got my car, the overflow tank was just above the min. point which i thought was alright.

5k km's later, it's past max. In tech we were told vapourized coolant goes there and when the rad cools down, it sucks it back into the rad through the pipe....

thing is that it hasn't.... now it's at max. anything i should do? should i be concerned?
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It isn't just vaporized coolant. As the thermostat opens and closes, varying amounts of coolant are drawn into and out of the system. That's why there's such a large difference between min and max. As long as it's not overflowing or blowing out any of the tops, you're good to go. Just keep an eye on it. If it is ever really high, bleed some of it off and see if you ever drop below minimum. If you do, add more, if you don't, forget all about it.
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