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So about two weeks ago I installed a catback and a test pipe on my CD5 Accord. Well the test pipe that I bought off some guy for $20 didn't have an o2 bung.

(and lets just clarify now that I am NOT trying to gain 20 horsepower off of a test pipe and don't call me rice, polluting the atmosphere, blah blah blah. My current cat has deteriorated and I'm not trying to spend 200$ on a new cat when I can pay for a test pipe at 10% the price.)

Well when I took off my O2 sensor I zip tied it to the top part of the heat shield, so debris and such would not bother it. Of course, when I started the car I was expecting to throw a CEL, but I have been running without a second o2 sensor for about 2 weeks now.


So heres the problem:
Now that this is gone, I am running really reallly rich.
When I pulled out the sensor it looked really oxidized. If it was broken why hadn't my check engine light triggered beforehand?
Also, is there any way to get my engine to run leaner without having to install a new sensor?
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