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random stuff for sale...."NOW w/ PICS!!!"

b18b crankshaft-very clean -$60 plus shipping

b18b rods -$50 plus shipping

b18b main and rod bearings brand new w/ torn up box -$40 plus shipping

b16a1 oil pump -$20 plus shipping

3 wastegate springs...2 from turbosmart (7psi and 14psi) and 1 from ss autochrome (7psi)-$10 for the 7psi spring and $15 for the 14psi spring..
B-series SS AUTOCHROME .42 a/r t3 turbo-$75 plus shipping

SS AUTOCHROME 38 MM Wastegate-$50 plus shipping
b16a1 stock injectors - $30 plus shipping
b16a1 pwo ecu -$90 plus shipping-SOLD
2 b16a fuel rail -$20 plus shipping each
91 civic si resistor box - $30 plus shipping

91 civic si head lights -$40 plus shipping- SOLD
99 civic si wheels w/ toyo tires in mint conditions-SOLD
88-91 civic blue sprint springs $60 plus shipping

88-91 civic crossmember -$30 plus shipping
88-91 civic OBX air/fuel guage -$25 plus shipping
good condition b16a1 clutch master clutch - $30 plus shipping

5"AutoMeter tach -$50 plus shipping-SOLD
5"SunPro tach -$40 plus shipping

Jeson 8 Disc CD Changer- $50 plus shipping
1200 watt Sony Xplode amp $100 plus shipping

200 watt Jenson amp $40 plus shipping

2 pioneer subwoofer 300 watt each - $50 plus shipping each

-might be missing some other stuff but i'll update it ASAP. and if anybody lives in or near Statesville, NC feel free to pick it up w/o shipping charges...everything is sold as is.

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jdmboy16 said:
hey you have pics of the turbo whats the status on that like miles wise on the turbo and what not and the waste gate how much for that too with the 14psi spring
the turbo is in great condition, no shaft what so ever, it has like 2500 miles on it, and for the wastegate plus the 14psi spring i'll give it to you for $60 plus shipping...i'll post pics up soon.
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