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My 2019 Civic EX-L has a rattle that appears to come from either the dash area or the center console area where the gear shifter is located. This happens around 60 degrees F. If the temperature is too cold or too hot, this sound disappears. Typical this sound comes between 0 - 15 miles/hour speed. Sometimes I have heard this sound at 45-50 miles/hour, but this is rare. The sound starts to come when I start my car (temperature appropriate) and put it in the Reverse gear, going back to neutral the sound disappears.

I have taken my car to a Honda dealer 7-8 times, they have not been able to fix this issue. They have opened the dash area and tried to see if there is evidence of mechanical movement, and have put dampening material inside the dash. Nothing has helped so far.

Sound recording Sound when not moving (brake hold in on) and in "D" gear.

Has anyone seen this issue? Or any idea what/how to diagnose/fix this?

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