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Urethane bushings....pain in the ass

If you all looking to put stiffer bushings for your suspention, then you should be willing to sacrifice confort, replacing the bushing it's not that hard if you don't have the tools ( hidro press ) :D
if you have a torch, hand sander and some tubular sanders ( to use with the hand sander ) you can burn the stock ruber away and then de-burr the sleve till it exposes the metal behind it, then pull the sleve out with a neddle nose players....
after al that you can install those urethane bushings.

" if you have already have an stiff suspention and you have to travel a lot, like I do :( after you put several after market bushings, spent a few bucks on a back suport for the long ride "

Later guys....
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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