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re-wiring your door speakers!?!?

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holy crap! im doin a madd upgrade on my system, and need to upgrade the wiring, right! well so i pull the door pannel off an stuff, and see the target, a lil white upsiddown L shped white cover wit wires comin outa it. so i deicde to take it off. underneath are all the wires, goin into this grid, and the grid seems to be sealed, an ontop of that, it has white greese all over it, like caked inside it. now mind you, this is me, shoving my hand inside a hole in sharp sheet metal wit about a 3" openiing. ive done this wit many older cars, and its a lot easier. my plan was to run conduit guider into the tube, and connect my wire to the tip, so it would be a sinch. no beans!

has anyone done this in their civic in success??? this is in a 97 ex coupe, although i supose all of the civics that gen are the same. please help me out guys
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