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re-wiring your door speakers!?!?

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holy crap! im doin a madd upgrade on my system, and need to upgrade the wiring, right! well so i pull the door pannel off an stuff, and see the target, a lil white upsiddown L shped white cover wit wires comin outa it. so i deicde to take it off. underneath are all the wires, goin into this grid, and the grid seems to be sealed, an ontop of that, it has white greese all over it, like caked inside it. now mind you, this is me, shoving my hand inside a hole in sharp sheet metal wit about a 3" openiing. ive done this wit many older cars, and its a lot easier. my plan was to run conduit guider into the tube, and connect my wire to the tip, so it would be a sinch. no beans!

has anyone done this in their civic in success??? this is in a 97 ex coupe, although i supose all of the civics that gen are the same. please help me out guys
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Here's a copy from another thread that I wrote concerning wiring the doors:

Now, I never put crossovers into the doors. There technically is not a problem with putting them there, but it makes them tough to tune and play with. I mount them either in the trunk or under the front seats. In the trunk makes them fairly accessable, but you must run more wire.

For wire, 16 ga should be acceptable. 16 ga is the largest wire that I was able to pass though the door connector comfortably and not have to worry about creating problems. Others may have done the same operation with 12ga, but trust me you don't need the extra size, and the added risk doesn't make up for any benefit - it's essentally overkill.

Stock wiring for the speakers is about 22 ga, and is far too small for any highpowered application.

Stay away from any of that special twisted will be near impossible in this application. I have had good success with the Stinger Pro Series wire and the PG QX series wires. The bulky stuff (i.e. PG zero point), while it looks cool just won't work, and is a total pain to strip and cut, etc. Wire is very cheap, so buy PLENTY of's not cool to learn that your speaker wires are a foot too short after going through all this trouble. Take what you think you will need and add 50%...that's what I do, and the extra $5-10 is worth the extra insurance in the long run.

Ok, here is how you tackle the wire problem in the late model hondas (this is 00 Civic specific, but should cover everything as Honda recycles parts like it's going out of style)

First, open the door, and check things out. You will see a rubber boot and condiuit that runs from the door jamb to the door.

Remove the doorpanel, and peel back the weather coating...if you get any of that white goo on your arms, clothes, etc...expect it to be there for a while. You will see a bundle of wires entering the door protected by a white plastic piece. Remove the plastic piece by taking off the tape and set aside.

Next, remove the tape from the conduit running between the door and the car. You should be able to also remove the rubber portion from the door and the door jamb. You will notice a green plug on the outside, and a whte (I think) on the inside of the door. I may be wrong on the colors, but from here on out, the "green" one is on the outside and the "white" one is on the inside.

Separate the two plugs, and take a look at what you have. If you have no power options, you are happy, as you will have more room to work. The following steps should be performed very carefully, as ifyou mess up, your power options may not work, and it will be not only expensive but a pain to replace.

You will need a drill bit, the same size as one of the 4 wires you will pass though the plug (2 +tive and 2 -tive). Clear out some of the goo that is in the connectors, but not all of it. IF you look carefully, you will see that the plug has many provisions for more connectors. You will use 4 of these provisions as centerlines for the holes you are about to drill. Carefully select 4 matching provisions that are in a square pattern on both sides of the plug (green and white). Carefully drill through each side of the plug. The green plug is the biggest pain...there is a white section that will want to shift when you drill...hold it in place. Once you are done, you should have 4 matching passages to pass the wire though...deburr the holes.

Now, start by passing the pair of wires from the kickpane area through the hole in the door jamb. Give yourself PLENTY of extra wire to work with...a wire coat hanger will work well to pass the wire through. On the amplifier/crossover ends take the time to mark the woofer and tweeter wires, along with the right/left bias. Also mark the wires (using a sharpie) before you pass the wires through...this will save headaches when you go to hook it all up.

Next, pass the wire through the rubber grommet that plugs into the door jamb, then into the rubber conduit, and finally though the rubber sheath that mates to the green plug. Make sure that the wires lay flat and have not twisted.

Next, separate all wires from their matching pair. One at a time pass the single wire through the green plug. Then pass the through the door, and through the matching hole on the white plug.

Now, slowly, draw the two plugs together. Check constantly for any twisting or binding. Plug the harnesses into each other and into the door so that they are all seated properly.

Replace the white cover on the inside of the door, and retape the conduit together. Press the grommet back into the jamb and replace the sheath over the green plug.

Make sure that you leave your self at least 3-4 feet of wire inside the door so that you will have plenty for termination and connection to your drivers. Make sure that the wires are clear of the window tracks.

That should cover it all. IF you have any more questions, post them or email me, and I'll help you out.
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oh man, thank you so much. thats awesome. u rock!
VicPreist II said:
oh man, thank you so much. thats awesome. u rock!
No problem.....VTEC - this one has come up a lot, should you just sticky my response, and leave it at the top...just a suggestion.
ok i did it tongiht. IT WAS SUCH A BITCH! the driling wasnt too bad, but feedin the damn wires through the acutal body into the inside of the car was sooo painfull! eveythign came out perfect, except right b4 i was finished, i drilled a lil exrta for a better fit for the wire, and BAM, drilled onto a wire. it got opened up an shit, but i wa sliek wutever. wel, m,y window doesnt roll down now. so igota go back and soilder it! o well. thanks for the help tho
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