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Rear speakers

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My car does not come with rear speakers. I'm woundering what size are they?? Also since it does not come with the car, are they pre wired or i have to run the wire myself?
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it SHOULD be prewired, just the wires are droped back in the panels somewhere. but i rewired mine cause they kept shorting out. factory wires got crappy? but mines easier to get to cause of the panels; or the lack there of
hey that's kewl.. dont worry about ur rear speakers.. just put a 12" sub in ur trunk. that will balance the sound perfectly. get a 12" sub and a 4channel amp. amp your front speakers and bridge your sub to the remaining 2 channels. it'll be tyte i promise.

EDIT: putting rear speakers will just cause cancellation
if you've got an S model, it probably does not have rear speakers at all it also doesn't even have the mounts for them. The wires should be present though (strange huh! put speaker wires in, but no brackets!). The mounting brackets you need will run about $40 from what i hear. the speaker depth is something like 1.78" (you can check crutchfield for the rear speakers to find the speaker mounting depth)
mine did too.. all i thought the s didnt come with was crusie control, power locks, and rear disks, oh yea power steering and a crappy motor. but everything else the same. i dunno. maybe i'm contotally fused. but my s came with speakers, i have a 93
my S came with rear speakers too but I had a 93 Si that didn't...I thought that was kinda weird
koveintegra said:
my S came with rear speakers too but I had a 93 Si that didn't...I thought that was kinda weird
Could've been a "repo". My Nissan's like that, (no radio, but
speakers with all the wiring). Makes me think the previous
owner spent all his money on an expensive head unit instead
of car payments :D.
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