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rear suspension question

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i installed my new springs on the front end yesterday, and i went to do the rear today and im having heaps of trouble. I cant get the damper mounting bolt out (I think thats the name of it, its the only bolt at the bottom of the rear suspension) I broke the head of the bolt on the driver and passenger sides allready. Ive tried everything to get these things out and nothings worked. Ive whacked them w/ a hammer, Ive tried to retighten the nut on the back end of the bolt thinking that it would sorta pull the bolt out, nothings working. I dont want to use heat b/c im afraid ill ruin the rubber seals.
Anybody have any ideas?
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i believe the head of the bolt is notched so you can not turn it but since you broke it off it shouldnt matter anymore, i would use a jack and jack the suspension up a bit and then take a 3/8 extension adn hammer the bolt out, i can usually get those bolts out in a few seconds doing it that way
tried that already, didnt work
I imagine you have it up on a jack so what you want to do is get another jack and just lift arm up a bit so it will relieve pressure and make it easier to come out
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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