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hello... i was here a while ago but its been so long i thought i'd re-introduce myself since i only recognize one or two names. i just finished up my big car project and it pretty much drained my bank account *sigh* so i'll be posting here again... been busy with school, work, trying to move, and all that drama we deal with called life.

anyway hello. im anhyi (its annie) and i drive a civic. im from san diego. did i mention SHO girls are pretty cool? :D glad to be back!
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Pics? of the car of course :D. As with the bank account, we all know how that goes.

I miss SD. Come summer, i'm coming back home.
im shelley nice to meet ya:D

thanks for the welcome~!

i posted up my pic in the other pic post...i tried to at least.

san diego is ok... im originally from oc. moved down here 1 1/2 years ago. im transferring to csulb in the fall so i cant wait to go back up north.
Hey girl.. you welcome to talk to me anytime:D
Welcome back!!!!!

NIce to meet you! :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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