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Recaro srd help

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i just purchased sliders and brackets for my 95 integra. i got the bracket on to the car, but im having trouble getting the sliders into the seat. Its hard to explain, but there are 3 holes on the seat and i know im suppose to put the sliders on the seat before i put them on to the bracket cause its easier that way. For the people who have done this. Can you tell me how to put the sliders on the seat cause im having trouble lining the hole cause on the top part it is covered. thanks
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thanks for the shows that the bottom bolts are in, but how did u bolt the sliders in on the top?
explain your question in more detail can remove the recliner knobs for more clearance if thats what you mean
you showed a picture of the sliders being bolted on to the seat itself, but its bolted on to the bottom half of the seat. i can do that, but if i tried to bolt it on to the top half the sliders are in the way of the bolt hole. how did u bolt the top part?
u gotta drill
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