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2009 honda civic LX w/ G25 turbo located behind the radiator in the lower part of the engine

During hot summer days or hummid everyone knows about the turbo heatsink, and I'm looking to reduce it while on a budget.

so far I came up with
*Exhaust wrapping
*Turbo Blanket
*Fluid Changes
*Removing front bumper
*maybe change intercooler

I bought this car 6 months ago as a preproject. All work was done by a sports track and tuned there as well. However, everything was done roughly 6-7 years ago. But nothing in the car has changed.

*Is there a chance that re-tuning will benefit the car?
I'm wondering since itll be $600-800 to dyno and tune, and i'm young and learning with this stuff. I'm not sure if a tune can go bad, unless parts are changed of course.
*Which on list do you recommend is cruical to change to reduce heat?
*Lastly, do you recommend anything else not listed to help?

Thank you for all input and educating me as well, appreciate it! <3
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