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You can get a Sumitomo HTR+ , Dunlop Sport A2, Firehawk GTA, or Yok Avid T4 in 215/50-17, all for 110 or less per tire. But bachviet is right about having more options if you go 225/45. Pinoy is right, too, about staying with a little narrower tire for max top end. It will also be a little less prone to trollying (tracking in truck ruts).

On the rims, the look is a personal choice (but I think the Actions look very nice on a coupe). I have a set of Mille Miglia Evos and I can tell you that their quality seems to be first rate. The finish holds up nicely and they have taken several seriously nasty pot-holes with no bends (knock on wood.) Only thing I don't know about is weight.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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