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Red Leather Recaro's on Ebay

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Anyone see these?

They would look pretty hot in a CRX. I'd sport them if I had the extra $.
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Just my opinion but I think that color is fugly
ewwwww.....i think they wouldnt look all that great in a crx, plus your money is better spent else where.
those exact seats actually were in a rex....that guy was at a couple of meets...I'll see if there are any pics up w/ em....
imp pwr online said:
Just my opinion but I think that color is fugly
u relize they are the red s2000 seats right stock color not pink that everyone thinks ur monitors are to bright. they are in fact red.
sorry, but I think red leather is fugly, just my opinion....others may like it...
in the right car they would look good
to me the right color would be black. Some red like piping for on the edges would be fine...
cant find the pics...sorry.
ive seen them in a 200sx.....they look okay in there(not great)...but okay
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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