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Alright, I found out what I needed. Everywhere I looked for related to this and KY kept showing the Title as the registration. But I called and found out the picture is wrong, and they never noticed the mistake, how they missed this in all of the counties in KY is beyond me though. My buddy showed his registration, so I know what I need.

Next up is seeing the judge. Which I still don't understand why they have to see a different cars registration. Especially since she said she was going to drop it when she sees it, she should have just dropped it right then and there.
That's strange. They could just hammer you on the expired tags for your previous car and be done with it because you let the registration expired and you were operating the vehicle. It doesn't matter whether you sold it or not.

Let's me put it this way, if you can't prove your current car is registered, the judge will find your guilty on your previous car. Why? People come to court and lie that they sold a car or whatever other story.. when they still have it and actually drove to court in it... unregistered.
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