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i have a 98 gsr with 43000 miles, and i am going to run low boost obviously until i buy pistons and rods and more , but which one is more reliable the greddy or th drag 3, i like the greddy cuz its legal, spools fast, and heard its reliable, like the drag cuz more capability but not gonna boost crazy 15+psi, its cheap and comes with a better all around package, bov,intercooler....
your thoughts are greatly appreciated
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I like the Greddy kit because it is what you mentioned and it will pass emissions. It's great if your just looking for a reliable daily driven turbocharged car.

If you ever even think about going crazy with your car, then go with Drag.


aj :)
i paid only 3000 shipped for my new drag kit including greddy type s bov, greddy turbo timer, apexi boost and egt, and missing link all brand new for 3000 shipped. I love it. The greddy kit does spool a tad faster, but it is very limited and doesnt even come with a bov or intercooler, also you say its smog legal, but remember you have to get the papers from greddy which means an authorized dealer has to install the kit, so thats an added cost above greddy's expensive kit also what makes the greddy kit legal is the fact it has an internal wastegate, you lose power with the internal wastegate. so in my opinion the drag is better, it spools up quick enough for me, but has awesome top end power. The greddy turbo is very small and produces a $hit load of heat over 7 or 8 psi.
I am very pleased with the drag kit so far, but I've only had it for about 2 months so I wouldnt be able to tell you about reliability. If you are worried about it not spooling up as fast just get a lightened flywheel and that should help reduce lag, but there isnt a great deal of lag because it is a t3/t4.

get drag you wont regret it!
Plus you can always swap out the 18G for a Super 16G.....DSM guys love these. Or if you want mega T3/T4 crushing power you can get a 20G. Plus the T3/T4 isn't a good match for a Honda Civic. Run the numbers and look at the graph, a straight T3 would be better. Strange that all the companies love the T3/T4 so much.
okay thanx guys i am over the smog check and spooling up time, down to it which one is more reliable, i need the car to last me 4 more years, greddy or drag
greddy will last longer... Drag manifolds are not that reliable... since your not in the sport for a lot of speed and i mean speed then go with a reliable greddy... if you want to be able to hit 12's or lower after a lot of mods then pick a better kit like rev hard kit... and im not going to argue why you should choose rev hard over drag.. just trust me after many dyno results and customers and friends which have used both kits and have converted to rev hard... good luck...
I am in the same boat....

I have a 96' GSR w/ 4yrs of payments ahead, I enjoy drag racing , but it's my daily driver, so thinking about the Greddy Kit. Intercooled, slicks, what times could I expect? 14.8's now.....also max hp for the kit? I have heard 10psi is max boost w/ stock internals tuned right....any info would appreciate!


where to find cheap intercoolers??
in a past issue of turbo, they put a greddy kit on a gsr running 9psi intercooled. they hit about 235fwhp and ran high 13's on nt555r dr's, and high 12's on slicks.
Sounds Good enough for me!

Hey is that the Feb. issue of turbo or??? I would really like to read the article, but 1 second difference from Nittos to slicks? I would be happy w/ a mid 13 range' :)

Let me know what issue!



I don't remember what mag, but the new Aem computer was tested on a turbo GSR, made the hp much faster, but not too much of a gain.
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