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removing door/key ignition chime notice

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I was hoping someone could tell me how I could stop the car from beeping when the key is in the ignition and the door is open. I have tons of breaks at school so I sit in my car and want the radio and door open but the beeping is annoying.
I DONT want to remove the whole chime. Cause that will remove headlight/turn signal notification, I believe.

I have a 97 accord se.

Any suggestions?

Also could someone teach me how to do a "search" in this forum.
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look fopr the door button onn the frame, its pressed in when the door is closed. Take a piece of tape and keep that sucka down. Or deal with it if you dont wanna remove it
i have a 98 ex 4cyl. and i know i took a fuse out, i think for the power locks, my car isn't here right know and i cant check which fuse..... my doors DONT chime and my headlights shut off when i turn the key off... i like it cause i never worry bout leavin my lights on and the power locks only dont work when the car is completly off... if your listening to the radio you can still hit lock or un-lock
-head desk-

but that is the most useful chime ever!

does it beep even when you have the ignition turned to "Accessory" or whatever it is? I know in my 00 Accord it only makes the chime when the key is in the "off" position (ie. you can slide the key in and out) and the door is open.

Anyways - there isn't any way to JUST turn off that chime that I know of, other than deactivating the door button thing by taping it or something. If it is the same as my 00 Accord, it should look like a little black button covered in like a rubber cover.
the chime is audible over the stereo? you need to crank that puppy up! TURN IT TO 11!!
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