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Removing Door Panels? HOW???

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Can someone please tell me how to remove the door panels on my 98 Civic?

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I haven't done it on that year car before but it looks like you undo the screw in the handle and then pry the panel off. You might also want to check the speaker grate to see if there are any screws there.
Yes, I checked the speaker grill and moved the screws but towards the back it feels like something is holding it on. And I took out thehandal screw.
Try checking for another screw behind the map holder on the door. Also watch out for door locks and other things protruding, but not connected to, the door.
Its held in by clips... get a screwdriver and pop them out one by one. If you car has manual window roller uppers, be sure to take that off, be careful taking that off though, use a flathead screwdriver, there is a cotter key sort of thing on the backside of it.
door panel removal

1. take out the wire hook keeping the window crank on
2. remove door handle
3. remove the door trim screws (where the arm rest is on the door)
4. pry loose the retaining clips by giong around the edge of the door panel with a putty knife or screw driver.

Hope this helps. That's all I know. Good luck
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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