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Removing the alternator

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I have a 1989 civic with a D15B2, I am removing the alternator. I have it unbolted, but now I am having a problem getting it out. There is no hole big enough to just slide it out. What should I do? Should I take the master cylinder out or would it be easier to get it out from the bottom?

Any help would be Most appreciated!
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I dont know if this will be especially helpful, but then again it might be. So here goes:

A while back I replaced the alternator in my sister's Accord (yes, I know... different from a civic...) I think it was around your year though. 89-90ish

To get the alternator out I had to actually put a jack under the engine (use a piece of wood under there to spread the load... do NOT dent/deform the oilpan!) and unbolt the left-side engine mount. then I jacked that side of the engine up just enough to squeeze the alternator out.

Installation of the new alternator was just the reverse.

Would this work in your case? (Just an Idea)
If I was you I would go thru the bottom, it'll be a whole easier and u won't get dirty.
i JUST replaced the alternator in my 89 civic hacth and to get it out i had to slide it behind the engine block and then up about where the starter is
Thanks, I wil try that, do you have the D15?
i have the stock engine, dont know the code for it
Thanks 89hatch, it took like 3 minutes! I was going to take the alternator supports off but that was geting me no were, again thanks!
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