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replacement remote

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hey, i have a viper 600hf, and i broke both remotes... circuit city wants like 80 dolalrs for a replacement remote... any ideas what i can do or where i can go to get a sainely priced replacement?
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ive been trying ebay for awile now with no luck. anyone else?
There's a place in Houston and all they do is sell remotes for car alarms. They're on ebay. They may not have the remote you want listed on ebay, but I'm sure that they'll have it in their store. You can contact Remotes Unlimited through email. Their ebay user id is remotesunlimited. They also have a website You can call them toll free at 1.877.719.1900. I think that their most expensive remote that they sell goes for about $55. If your remote costs that much from them, at least you save around $15 (plus or minus). Give them a try.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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