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Report: Harrison, Kaplan, Llewelyn to Leave Nintendo
by James Brightman

In what could represent a major shakeup for the executive management at Nintendo of America, it would appear that George Harrison (right), Perrin Kaplan and Beth Llewelyn are all preparing to leave the company. [Updated]

The folks at Game Informer, who previously reported on the pending move of Nintendo of America's sales and marketing force to either San Francisco or New York, now have the scoop on a potentially major development.

According to Game Informer's sources, now that the June deadline is up, about 90 percent of the sales and marketing staff has decided not to move, and instead will take severance and leave Nintendo. This includes three top executives at the company: George Harrison (Senior Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Communications), Perrin Kaplan (Vice President, Marking and Corporate Affairs), and Beth Llewelyn (Senior Director of Public Relations Beth Llewelyn). It is not known currently how much longer these three will remain with the company. Game Informer speculates that they will at least stay through E3.

With the departure of Harrison, Kaplan and Llewelyn, only two major executives at Nintendo of America remain – Chairman and CEO Tatsumi Kimishima and President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime.

Like GameInformer, GameDaily BIZ has interviewed Kaplan, Harrison and Llewelyn and we'd like to wish them the best, if they are indeed leaving. We've put in an inquiry and will report back with any official confirmation.

[UPDATE] A representative from Nintendo's external PR firm, GolinHarris, told GameDaily BIZ that they "hadn't heard anything."
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