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Require Help With Cruise Control

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Hello all, New guy here. I bought a 1991 Honda Accord Lx (with Automatic Transmission) about 8 months ago. I have an intermittent issue with cruise control. I push the dash button in, I get the green light on the switch. I get up to speed and push the set button. I get the green light on the dash. And all is good. But if I hit a good bump, the cruise control turns off. I still have the green light on the switch, but the dash one goes out. If I push the steering wheel control button to set the speed (again) sometimes it will re-engage, other times it will not re-engage and seems to stop working till it decides to start working again. The other day to try to do some testing I loosened the steering wheel lock that lets you tilt the steering wheel up and down. I got the cruise control engaged. I moved the steering wheel up and down slowly and gently. No issues it stayed working. As it seemed to go out due to hitting a bump, I did the steering wheel up and down thing again. But this time I let it bump or hit the end of its travel with a small bump. Bingo cruise control goes out. I tried to get it to come back on by moving the steering wheel up and down, but no luck. About 20 minutes later when I tried it... It was working again. All testing by moving the steering wheel up and down was done at speed. About 40 to 45 miles per hour. I'm sure I have a bad connection in the steering wheel. Could be a loose connector. Or a bad wire or an issue with the steering wheel mounted switches. But I have no idea where to start looking other than just pulling the steering wheel and digging in. I have a Hayes shop manual but on the cruise control info, it is worthless. Just says to let a professional look at it! No, that's what it says! The horn honks reliably, so I don't think the issue is in the clock spring. So any info or advice would be of great help. I have a bad wiper washer switch that needs replacing so I need to go digging in that area (wipers do their own thing independently of where the switch is set. As always, I thank you all for the help!
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Hi John,

have you checked if the bump would be big enough to trigger the tail light because the brake pedal would have triggered it. That's how the cuise control would be deactivated.if the light does activate check if there is a loose connection near the brake pedal or if the light switch is ajustable near the brake pedal fiddle with it.

Hope this helps:

Another member was facing a cruise control problem, so maybe this thread will help you.
Hay... I had the exact same issue. Same year, make, model.

Even have the same issue with the wiper switch!

I tested the break light switch etc.. Did the playing around with the steering column and so on. Just as you did.. All tested OK. But hit a bump or just hit the steering wheel hard with my hand.. Cruise control goes out.. And comes back when it wants to.. So I decided it must be the control module. And I lived with it.

About a year later the brake light switch failed leaving the brake lights on all the time.

Got a new switch for under 10 bucks, put it in. All good with brake lights.

Can't say why but tried to cruise control. Bingo it worked.

So for ten bucks give it a shot. It is no more then 10 to 15 minutes to swap the switch.

Bought it either at Auto Zone or RockAuto. Don't recall witch one it was.

Hope this helps.
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