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Hello all, New guy here. I bought a 1991 Honda Accord Lx (with Automatic Transmission) about 8 months ago. I have an intermittent issue with cruise control. I push the dash button in, I get the green light on the switch. I get up to speed and push the set button. I get the green light on the dash. And all is good. But if I hit a good bump, the cruise control turns off. I still have the green light on the switch, but the dash one goes out. If I push the steering wheel control button to set the speed (again) sometimes it will re-engage, other times it will not re-engage and seems to stop working till it decides to start working again. The other day to try to do some testing I loosened the steering wheel lock that lets you tilt the steering wheel up and down. I got the cruise control engaged. I moved the steering wheel up and down slowly and gently. No issues it stayed working. As it seemed to go out due to hitting a bump, I did the steering wheel up and down thing again. But this time I let it bump or hit the end of its travel with a small bump. Bingo cruise control goes out. I tried to get it to come back on by moving the steering wheel up and down, but no luck. About 20 minutes later when I tried it... It was working again. All testing by moving the steering wheel up and down was done at speed. About 40 to 45 miles per hour. I'm sure I have a bad connection in the steering wheel. Could be a loose connector. Or a bad wire or an issue with the steering wheel mounted switches. But I have no idea where to start looking other than just pulling the steering wheel and digging in. I have a Hayes shop manual but on the cruise control info, it is worthless. Just says to let a professional look at it! No, that's what it says! The horn honks reliably, so I don't think the issue is in the clock spring. So any info or advice would be of great help. I have a bad wiper washer switch that needs replacing so I need to go digging in that area (wipers do their own thing independently of where the switch is set. As always, I thank you all for the help!
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