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resleaving question

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Was wondering what sleaves i should buy for my 92 h23 si engine? Can i just use my new pistons that are in the engine or do i have to buy new ones? Going to buy new rods.. Anything else would i need for the bottom end?

i am gong to run turbo!!

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I would suggest going with golden eagle sleves if you plan on making lots of boost. If you arent going to run that much then
just get a block guard it will save you a lot of money.
Ok, block gaurd!! Thats like a gasket the goes between ur head and block right?
no it sits on the outside of your stock sleves you know where the coolent is.
Don't use a block guard if you're running under 10 PSI it disrupts the flow of coolant and at lower boost levels it is just not justifiable... ;)
Since your gonna rip apart the engine anyways u might as well drop in some forged pistons. But when using forged pistons on a h-series motor u have to resleeve it, u can't just use a block gaurd. As for sleeves, any sleeves are good. They can all pretty much hold more boost than your ever gonna throw at um. Most sleeves can handle 40-55 lbs. You can use AEBS, Golden eagle, Darton, there more but i can't think of them now.
Golden Eagle will resleeve it for you for about $700, at least they would for a B series anyways... I assume it wouldn't be priced very different, but who knows :p
I thought the 92 H23 blocks were closed deck... ??
Well the h23 is a closed deck block. also if i were you i'd go with darton sleeves. they don't sell the kits for them but they sell the individual sleeves for 46 buck. So that's about 185 for all 4 sleeves, then just take it to your local machine shop and have them install them. it shouldn't cost that much. I was quoted about 380 to sleeve my h23 and put in pistons and rods.
yall missed the fact that he cant just drop new rods or pistons in that block w/ out sleeving.. sux to have a h series...
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