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Results of my Tests with the h22a oil eater: Mobil1 Vs Castrol Syntec

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Ok , its pretty much come down to the end of my little test. I use to run castrol syntec in my accord. Its good stuff similiar in price to mobil1. They do seem to update their well as advertise which normally means things are going well.

They also advertise in SCC and it shows you a picture of these foriegn particles and stuff getting surrounded by oil. They also claim to be able to outdo all these oils in these tests....on their commercials. So I figured what the hell Ill switch for a little see how it goes....

I used to run mobil1 and it would maybe loose a quart of oil or maybe even more in 3000miles. So far with the castrol syntec. Practically none....I pulled the dipstick out and it was like 1mm under the top line....and Im not sure If I did even max it whenI changed the oil.

So Im glad it performs just as well and oil didnt burn off or dissapear into the void and couldnt tell any difference except that I had new oil and that it felt the usual bit peppier.

I still have more miles to go before 3k , but I was pretty amazed because Ive been neglecting my oil as usual and its right up at top , when normally its in the middle of the dots when I use mobil1 and forget to check it every once in awhile. (maybe once a month or 500miles)
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imo i wouldnt pay an extra $100 a year for some mobil1 or syntec oil :) its not like were driving ferrari or lambo :) but thats just me :)
I've been spoon feeding my baby with castrol syntec--my dad is a mechanic, so he hooks me up :) Glad to hear good things about it
anyone here use honda oil? its just as cheap and then again it does have the name honda on the bottle. ;)
LAblue said:
imo i wouldnt pay an extra $100 a year for some mobil1 or syntec oil :) its not like were driving ferrari or lambo :) but thats just me :)
Synthetic will last longer and doesnt burn up as easy....simple. With that going on , im saving myself 3000 a year by not nuking my engine.

Also what does a ferrari or lamborghini have anything to do with weither or not youll run synthetic , if your saying its 100 a extra a im guessing when your struggling with your imaginary lambo you wont put good oil in that either. :rolleyes:

Gotta save for that blue cheese right :sleep:
After 8,000miles to be safe.
mike_sho said:
After 8,000miles to be safe.
its not a good thing to do when you have high miles though...i switched at 90k and now i burn about 1.25 quarts every 1000 miles. im going to rebuild the engine this summer to try and stop this consumption...its ridiculous.
I know its not good and all, but I dont have time, I use Mobil 1 synthetic, and I change the oil about every 6000 miles or more, and it doesnt burn a drop, I think thats hella good for my 143,000 miles
My H22 has been running on redline 5w30. No problems yet. I get it free at skunk:D
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