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reuse head gasket

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reuse head gasket am putting a new head on i only had the gasket on for about 3 weeks can i reuse and just use coper spray or i cant reuse it
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bad idea to reuse the headgasket just get a new one and save yourself 3 hours (if the old one didnt seal)
Rx7T2Boi said:
bad idea to reuse the headgasket just get a new one and save yourself 3 hours (if the old one didnt seal)

Yeah even if it is only 3 weeks old it's ALWAYS a good idea to change the gasket when you remove the part (in this case the head).The gasket has sealed to the surfaces of the stock head and block and now you've changed those surfaces.It's always a good idea to replace the gasket.It may save you headache and a few hours of t/s an work.
i would suggest a much thicker head gasket.. that is what usually goes out first... good luck..
do not use a thicker gasket if you want your keep the compression you have now.... i hate this damn thicker head gasket shit.... if your gonna tear apart the motor do it right! sides a thicker head gasket = more exposed area to combustion which = faster breaking head gasket
LOL.. stop there... a thicker head gasket is good for B series motors... true if you want to do it right build the motor from bottom up but a thicker head gasket is pretty common on turbo cars.... now im not going to make assumptions but you do have an RX7 and RX7's and honda motors are very different...
DO NOT REUSE THE HEAD GASKET!!!!!!!!! I made the same mistake. It was only on for 2 days, not even running the car. Reused it and it leaked all over the place. Dont waste your time or money, just get the new one.
lol ive been into honda's for many years.... im not saying that im 35 or something im barely 16 .... but since i was 13 ive been reading tech manuals, reading tech articles, a bunch of books on how to build high hp motors right, ive also spent many of my nights talking to my next door neighbor who builds drag cars mostly older v8's but still basic knowledge is still aplied, ive talked to most of the guys with built b series motors, ive also done 2 years of research on fucking hondas i know the b series and h series and a lil about the f series (built my friends accord) but i know these motors better than i know my right hand... and i know my right hand damn good :D. Also you know those lil haynes manuals... ya i read those... any info on cars i can read i read it absorb the knowledge.. And the reason i got a rx7.... well lets see i paid 1250 for my 1990 rx7's it pulls better than my friends b18c civic i put about a 1 1/2 cars on him by about 90. i bought the car cuz it looks decent has good power , the motor kicks ass, RWD, turbo. And if i wanna go crazy fast like 10's and still be streetable i can and the car will still last 100k miles with good maintaince. and hell that would cost me about 10k tops 7k if i bargin shopped. Only one problem with my rx7 it needs new waterseals:mad:... but hell i can replace all the seals in my car for 150 dallors.... aint that much :D After i got my rx7 i still read more about hondas then i do rx7's i know alot about rx7's tho cuz there aint that much to learn about them 3 moving parts man... no head no nothing much easier to work with. Also i still want a honda hatch i love hondas. Hondas are great cars but its just not a piece o cake to run a 10 second honda and ish.
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Ok im glad you gave us your life story about your literacy and ability to read and your rx7.. but unless you work on honda's personally and not just read articles then i would suggest to you that you go to a mechanic that knows what they are doing when it comes to turbo's and hondas... im not ragging on you but it really seems like your interest in honda's are good but you really need to work with these motors and understand the idea of forced induction on these cars.. for you to simply say that a thicker head gasket is dumb... well i gotta tell you, you have been reading the wrong articles and have not had enough hands on experience...
lol enough hands on experience! i got plenty my friend :) ive worked on everything from a h22 delsol to a h22 accord, ive built my friends GSR , my friends accord, and a nice pretty h22, ive also done a lot of head work on an h22 and f22 and a lil bit on a si mostly just replacing valves and valve guides and what not. But i know more than your average joe with a different car. Just cuz i dont own a honda dont mean i dont know shit about them. Hell my fucking dad encourages me every bit he just installed a lift for me to start helping the guys out around here! if you dont beleive me ill write hi JDM TURBO and have a newspaper next to it with my friends transplanted b18c THAT I DID right now.... i got digi cam and ill do :) i dont wanna be a dick its just your assuming that cuz i dont own a honda that i hate on em... i dont i work on hondas alot when the majority people that have a problem with their car they come to me a 16 yr old RX7 driver... but wait thats right i own an rx7 and i dont know shit right?

sorry about being a dick tho heheh i hate fighting on the internet
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calm down buddy... first off this is a honda board not rx7.. your information on honda motors is welcomed in this board but when you start using your knowledge of rotary motors and apply them to honda motors their is a flaw in that logic.. and im glad that you know how to do motor swaps but for your age i dont think you have done enough work on honda motors with turbo's... when you slap on a turbo its a whole new can of logic you have to look into.. and reading books and actually doing hands on work are two different things...
Rx7T2Boi please calm down. This board isn't here for you to prove yourself. If someone disagrees with you I'm sure they have a reason. Most people thats ask questions like to hear a couple, point of views on the subject.
its all good we have to come truce on our arguments...
lol ya i calmed down i was just pissed off right now about some other stuff... lol cuaght me 15 mins to early lol but anyways ya even tho i really dont like bags im sure your is pretty tizzight and good choice with the RH i love almost all the racing harts! c2's are the best! evos and the orignal 3pc c2's heheheh sorry about blowing a headgasket :D but im sure after i looked at some of the posts i did look kinda dumb lol but oh well good thing i can laugh at myself!! :p
its kool... its always good to hear more then one side to a question and you came up with very good points yourself... :)
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