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Revlimiter.. ??? removal?

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I have an REX ZC -86 1,6i dohc.
i´m in need to remove the revlimiter totally.
.. Can ANYONE please help me with any kind of instruction regarding this ?
... MANY thanxs in advance !

Kristian Hesselmark Sweden.

PS.. is the right term 4 an brake parachute. just that ?
.. Is it called an BRAKE PARACHUTE ?
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have you thought about sending your ecu off someone to have the rev limiter removed?
To remove your redlimiter just have your computer reprogrammed.

But i would suggest upgrading or completely rebuilding your motor if you dont want to send some valves through the pistons or some rods through your radiator.

Remember your zc (and the D16A1/6/8/9/z6) only has a 1.52:1 rod ratio.....anything past 7500 rpm on stock internals will eventually spell disaster.

hey.. thanxs for answering so quickly.

Yes, I have doone that & almost everyone say´s - IT CAN`T BE DONE.
.. & the other companys want about 4-700 dollar to fix it.
1 company said that the ONLY way it was possible was to
throw away the old computer & get a nwe one fron theircompany at abou 1200 dollars.



please help me in how to do that - reprogramme the computer ?
is it possible to get hold of any blueprints about this for the computer ?


Pleeease someno..... help me.
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Handa hasn't ever released any of the ECU codes.. dunno why, but prolly cause they don't want people killing themselvs

get a Jet ECU upgrade and ask them to get rid of it for you, prolly run you around 3-400
JET Performance Products
17491 Apex Circle
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Voice: 714-848-5515
Fax: 714-847-6290
Email: [email protected]
For saftey reasons with the motor, you will still want to retain a redline of some sort. It doesn't necessarily need to be in the ECU, you could get an MSD, or other ignition system that will allow for an adjustable rev limit. The spark removal rev limiters are much safer than the factory ECU's fuel cut-off, and if it will save your engine in just one incident, then it's well worth it. You never want to run without a rev limiter because it is very dangerous, at some point, even if the internals hold up, your fuel system may not, and if you lean out at high RPM, that's all for that engine. Even more so with boost of any sort.

thanxs for the info
im expecting around 180-200 horsepower at about 10 000 rpm
this is why i need to remove the stock rewlimiter completly.
I have another adjustable rewlimiter with launchcontrol.

Sounds like you're good to go then, just didn't want to see you make a mistake by removing it completly. Too many people don't understand what it's there for and just disregard it as something the factory put there to kill the "fun".:)
u must have some wicked cams, valve springs to make a ZC spin 10 g's............:confused:
wut motor are u using the 88-91 zc? how did u get it to fit in the 86 engine bay? just wondering since the first gen has the diff style mounts
JET ECU's Suck ass

I have valvesprings from an dragracing beetle, they are called BUG-PACK
the cams are reshaped (custom made) about 300 degree´s

jdmb18hatch said:
wut motor are u using the 88-91 zc? how did u get it to fit in the 86 engine bay? just wondering since the first gen has the diff style mounts
i don´t understand that !?

I´m using the standard 1986 ZC dohc 1,6i non V-Tec engine

please explain about the diff style mounts. ???

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