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Hey guys,
The previours car owner fucked up my stock 1991 civic si wiring big time. For some reason the main power wire color for instance, is not correct. Only the speaker wires, and ground wire is identifiable by color.

With this in mind, i decided to install a new main stereo power wire.
1.I connected a new wire (main power)directly from the positive terminal of the battery through the firewal into the back of the stereo.
2. I connected the ACC wire to the main wire too.
3. Then, i connected the stereo ground wire to the honda supplied ground wire.
( The reason for connecting the ACC wire to the main wire was to check if the stereo was in working condition first. (it was working)

About 15 seconds after this, i noticed that the honda ground wire was burning serioursly. I quickly grabbed it and burned my fingers real bad too.

Here is my question.

Is it an acceptable procedure if i connect the stereos main power wire directly to the posivitive battery terminal?

Since the stock car stereo wire is cooked, where can i ground the stereos ground to. Engine block?

What do you think caused the cars ground wire to burn? I had at least 25 unisulated wires dangling and possibly touching. I also had acc, main power wire, hooked up ass one unit to the battery. (Testing purposes)
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