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Anyone have a Right Hand Drive Honda on the board? post pics if you got em
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Here ya go:

Sorry bout the size, only picture I have at the moment showing my car is RHD.
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Damn man I didn't know that you had that many mods! Put it on a dyno yet?
BTW where did you get most of your engine mods fitted?
Hey how did you know? Prob from phil i guess... nah waiting, not sure if its here or not, Jacob said he'd bring it when he comes to Sydney, then I'll pick it up (and my ART brake stopper) from Phil. Oh yeah where did you mount it?
Power FC is an aftermarket ecu, can control virtually all engine tasks such as ignition timing, fuel settings, vtec x-over, etc. can liberate quite a lot of power, but its the last mod I would do after basic I/H/E bolt-ons.
which dyno where they at?
You need practise?

I've only been once, after watchin Phil and San drive I can easily say that I have a lot to learn.
1 - 7 of 28 Posts
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