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Anyone have a Right Hand Drive Honda on the board? post pics if you got em
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not too sure how much he charges for power runs and tuning time give him an email or something I'm sure he can give you a quote!....
DC5 Type R said:
Hi DC2R#428 I have a set of Tein RE 14K-front 10K rear coming this week. hope to fit it this week end;)
did you purchase Tein RA suspension??....damn man $4500 dollar suspension too hardcore for the street unless you are a track junkie!..LOL!!

DC5 Type R said:
I have the Tein RE
oops my bad...:p
which dyno where they at?
I have been down to the track only few times, but my skill is not good enought, I need more practise, maybe I am too old:confused:
You need practise?

I've only been once, after watchin Phil and San drive I can easily say that I have a lot to learn.
Dyno near Mt Druitt....sunblest St i think?....mods fitted where either myself as for the exhaust Liverpool exhaust is your people!...
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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