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Hey what's up guys I'm holding a meet...............

WHERE?!... At The Providence Place Mall In Rhode Island
** * * * (Top level on The Cinema Side of the garage)

WHEN?!... The First Sunday Of Every Month.
** * *(April 3, May 8, June 5, July 3, August 7, Sept. 4, etc)

Why?!... Cause We Cool Like That And That's What The Cool Kids Do!!

Who?!... Anyone From Or Around The Ma/RI Area

Expect to be paying atleast a dollar to leave the garage. Any thing after 3 hours I think you pay 5+.

Now we're gonna be on private property so there's gonna be some Rules!!*


-No Burnouts
-No Unnecessary RevVing
-No Liquor
-No Racing (Leave That For The Track)
-No Loud Music
-No throwing Objects or each other over ledge of garage ( that'll be a nasty Death )
-No Stealing........

This is gonna be a Friendly Meet And Greet so Please.. No Fighting!! It will not be Tolerated. ......*

Need Directions? Let me know.... I will be postíng updates soon.

P.s. Spread The Word!!

Now that that's cleared *Whos Down?

1. BcZay
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