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right clutch fo n2o

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i may start shooting about a 55-75shot soon and im clutch shoppin right now, i think im gonna get a ACT heavy duty pressure plate and a 6-puk, is that enough/too much/ or just right? this car is very daily driven too, thanks
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The six puck might be overkill for 50-75 shots.

I had the Centerforce Dual Friction in my car for a while when I was running 75 shots. It held nicely and my pedal effort was not harder than stock, which was nice when I hit traffic in LA.

You consider looking into the ACT stage 2 or anything to the equivilent?
If it is very daily driven an extreme pressure plate sucks even with a hydraulic clutch but it is a pretty damn good clutch just be carefull with it because it tears up axles pretty easy.

exedy flywheel and organic clutch... awesome gripping power, awesome price, and in stock at cox (for a b16 at least).
I personally do not not like the ACT cuz I my past experiences with them. I am now using a stage 3 Clutchmasters, and so far I have been trouble free.
how much performance/pedal difference between the CM stage 3 and the 4?

i need to throw another clutch on my b18c1 while it's apart and i was considering the CM stage 4. but i'm only gonna be runnin 190whp all-motor for now until i get a charger (.5 bar) or N2O (DP 100 shot).

so will the stage 3 handle the future mods or will it be cool to get the stage 4 now for the eventual power increase and just use it with the all-motor setup?

thanx for any input
the way i look at it... you might as well get the best you can. but is it really needed? probably now
In my opinion bigger is not always better. What I mean is you need to get the right setup for how much horsepower you are running I have seen to many fucked up transmissions and axles and pilot shaft gears in cars that really did not need that much holding power. The shock of how hard a clutch engages is also bad on the engine. I think a tiny bit of slip is okay even if you cant scratch fith gear. I think a 6 puck act or clutchmaster stage 3 will do you fine.
yeah i agree with what you're sayin, about only gettin what you really need to perform to the max without goin overboard.
the stage 3 will be fine for allmotor and it should hold up with 260-275whp when i get boost or N2O.

thanx for the input. i've never used ACT or CM before so i wanted to get some opinions on them before gettin one.

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