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Stonypred8 said:
Also, I have 15"s on my 92 prelude, but the tires whenever i hit bumps scrap against the rubber of the wheel wells...I see people with over 15"s on these sites, how is this possible and what did they do to prevent the tire from hitting the rubber??
WHat rubber part are you talking about, are you talking about the splash guard for the wheel well? its plastic by the way... Well what my friends usually do is roll up the fender, by just flex it without folding it. Gotta do it right or you'll wreck something.

I dont know why your car rubs the wheel well! Mine doesnt even at 2inch lowered.

you musta be 3 or 4 inch lowered or maybe your shocks are out.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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