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18's or 19's for a 6th gen sedan? still deciding. i plan on going with Racing Hart C2 evo's
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i would go with the 18s they would look nice and still have the weight on ur side compared to the 19s ..unless u are going all show then i would go for the 19s
true, thanks for the imput. my ride is a daily driver so i have to think wisely as i plan on rocking the rims all year round
I was interested in the C2 Evo's but the largest offset is only +42.
I heard anything less than +45 on a 18'' wheel would rub on 6th gen Accords?? Anybody know or heard any different??
Man if i was u just go with 17.U will save money,time,speed,and u can use them for show to trust me,just ass long as u lower the ride they will look of the hook.
i wouldn't mind 17's if my drop was gonna be low, but i have Eibach Spotlines that i'm gonna install and it gives a 2 inch drop. if i had a coilover system, i would definatly go with 17's.
18's unless its all-show car, otherwise your rims will be all bent up in a week.:D
well with a 42mm offset you have to have either 215/35 or 40 seriies tires and you might have to shave the rear wheelwell. it's either those wheels or the Konig Imagines in Black Opal(45mm offset).
NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!! those are my wheels u can't steal them from me damn u IMAGINES are my fav.
I went w/17", and i still get plenty of compliments, plus i didnt want to compromise as much performance for heavier rims...I have had these on all year, and have had absolutely no problems driving in bad weather, etc.... just my 2 cents... :D
yea SUPERACCORD those rims are bad ass, i've seen them in silver and in black opal, they're real nice. SILICONFLOW do you have a pic of your ride. the best price i've senn on the imagines (silver) is for like $1500 shipped from discount tire.
Check out, their is a buy on Koing wheels. Something like 18's for $725 shipped without tires..
Easy... said:
true, thanks for the imput. my ride is a daily driver so i have to think wisely as i plan on rocking the rims all year round

Go with 17's for a dialy driver. Considering that's 2' over the stock wheel size it'll look good, and it won't cost as much.
I have Volk Racing GT-C

18 x 7.5 with +43mm offset, no rubbing. :)
Re: I have Volk Racing GT-C

ruger said:
18 x 7.5 with +43mm offset, no rubbing. :)
:eek: volks are :cool:.
Re: Re: I have Volk Racing GT-C

munkeysoup said:

:eek: volks are :cool:.
?? volks are?
Re: Re: Re: I have Volk Racing GT-C

ruger said:

?? volks are?
you dont understand my smilie talk?:D "volks are cool"
i love the Volk Gtn's i wanted those but don't know if i wanna spend that much dough for them.

19's all the way [email protected]!! especially since u got a 6th are too damn big for 18's or even 17's..i have a 5th gen with 18inch Racing Hart C2000's...THEY look small...well at least in the rear..should go with 19's in the rear and 18's in the front...and about comprimising speed...b.s i couldnt feel no difference from my stock to when i went to 18's...and thats a 3 inch difference...19's all the will look tight as fuck...anything below that..espcecially 17's will look like Echo wheels on ur ride IMO;)
depending on the road conditions you can pull off 19's but if the roads are bad go with 18's
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