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Rims and Offsets

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For a '95 Del Sol Si. The wheels are 4 x 100 correct?
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This is a pic of the Actual rim. I need to know if this will fit a 4 Lug. It looks like it does. But I'm not sure.. Can anyone help here?
4x100 is correct for sol, if thats what it is. It'll fit. :)

The person says the are 5 Lug Universal.
My ignorance say.. Duh? Whats that mean? Does it mean universal as in they can do 4 Lug as well or what?
Universal 5 lug means that they fit different variations of the 5 lug pattern. They will not fit a 4 lug. For that, you would need universal 4 lug.

Would a set of 17 x 7.5 with a +42 Offset fit the Sol? I'm looking at a set here pretty cheap, and just curious if they'll fit.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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