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rims im thinkin about getting...

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would these look good on my EBP crx pictured in my sig?

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Yup! I love bronze/gunmetal/champagne colored rims...
dude, those rims would look sweet, they have a nice JDM look to them too...What type of wheels are they? I used to have bronze volk te-37's on my rex...looked hella tight.
those rims are tight , but you would need a different color than the bronze!!
Rota Circuit 8's :confused:
they look pretty damn cool :)

and they're not cuircuit 8s...
very very nice
they look like adr copy of the volks i like the c8 better than them alot cleaner lookin
RH CP8- and they look better with black lugs and center cap
hell i like them
BoostedRex said:
bronze and blue look like junk together, imo
those would lookin nice w/ a gunmetal powdercoat
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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