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Rotor Size

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Does anyone know the correct rotor size for an 88' CRX? Gotta change my brakes and my rotors are badly grooved and if there cut they might be too thin, so I should change them too.
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10.5" or somethin like that
no way they are smaller than 10.5 ivan u drunk man thats teh ex 4dr teh hatch and rex are 9in and some change
*puts down the vodka*


"na ah maaaan... day are furteen ninch you mockerer futher, dont make me ick or sass, furseen ninch rodez on a rxc."

*continues to drink and wear his Darkside Honda Street racing shirt*
u gonna wear that shit to marios meet? drunk ass fool
Of course, but... isnt the mario meet in summer :confused:
i think they brake rotor size is bout 9.5"
RaceInspired said:
Of course, but... isnt the mario meet in summer :confused:
who knows he says when its warm and he can have off work
Hey Tron...

If you dont know yet what size they are call your local auto parts store like NAPA or AUTOZONE (have those their?)

They can look it up and tell you exactly plus give you a good price.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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