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Okay...I'm going to throw you guys for a loop here so hang on...

This is for a minibuggy powered by a 1998 VFR800 engine. So yeah, probably not exactly at top of you guys' expertise but it also hasn't seemed to draw a whole lot of attention from the VFR boards. I know a lot of Honda tech is shared so maybe...just guys will be able to point me a direction I haven't thought of yet.

I go buggy'ing around the other day, everything's fine. I park in the driveway. While there, I relocate my lights from the front end to a light bar, and try hooking fan's ground back up to the temp switch in the cooling line like it's suppose to.

Fire her up, everything is gravy...until it warms up. Then sputtering and backfiring, RPM drop, and dies. Since then the thing will start up and run beautifully cold, but once it's warm nothing.

I have so far:

Moved the fan ground back to the frame.
Moved the ground for the lights back to it's original location.
Checked codes (no codes).
Tried disconnecting the block temp sensor (harder to start, no other effect).
Inspected other grounds, all good and ohm out.
Checked bounces over the 20lb mark at idle.
All four cylinders are firing until it's warm.
I've inspected the wiring harness for general damage and can't find anything amiss.

Then the problem started I thought I was fuel starving...fuel pressure was at a nice 36~40psi all the way up until it died, on both sides of the filter. I cleaned the tank out and changed my filters...and even changed the oil since I was down there. This problem persists with the gas cap off.

Any help at all with this issue would be tremendously appreciated. If someone can tell me what's up I'll buy them beer. I've posted this problem on reddit, vfrworld, and vfrdiscussion and have not been able to sort it out...if there are any other resources I can try to hit I would appreciate the leads.
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