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Rough idle/weird noise?

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Hey everyone,

My dad drives a 1996 Accord LX and recently, it has started to lack in performance. It just hit the 100k mile mark, and when you start the car, the engine runs a little rough for about 1 minute. Also, during the first minute of driving, you can hear a fast tapping sound only when you give it some gas. It sounds like something isn't being lubricated properly at startup. We have changed the spark plugs and wires, and ran fuel injector cleaner through the gas system. Any ideas on what could be happening? Will changing the fuel filter probably solve the rough idle problem? Could the tapping be a result of a bad oil pump? Help me please!!!

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What type of maintenance has been done to it?

Has it been tuned up? (i.e. valves adjusted, belts replaced, water pump replaced, timing adjusted...) It could be just a maintenance issue with any one of these.
All of those have been done less than 10,000 miles ago.
just a question but how often do belts need replaced?
timing belts

You should replace your timing belts every 90K.
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