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Rsx turbo kit?

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does anyone know of any companies makin a rsx-s turbo kit thats reliable? and does anyone on this board have it?
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Check out , it available to RSX , retail is near $4000 , running 6psi.
The kit on gbc is the revhard, and there are a few issues with them. Check out, there's a few rsx's running around with their kits. Other than that... be patient!
u sure about that site?, i went over there and its a pretty general site, didnt see much about cars
I'd just wait til more stuff comes a S/C from JSRC...cuz w/ our such high ass compression ratios...paying 4g's for a turbo kit running at a meager 4psi isnt my cup of tea...
Companies w/ turbos in development are: GReddy, RevHard, Hytech (along w/ a sc i think) and HKS... please add to this if you find others...

P.S. Talked to a respected performance shop and was told that RevHard and other quick release custom turbo kits are exactly what u pay for... quick out of th box kit w/ high risk to ur motor.
Go for a GReddy or HKS to be safer... but wait longer
My prob are the low hp numbers these companies are getting
5 k for a GReddy kit and only 80 hp??
yeah, id wait also. revhards are cool and all but it wierds me out how they have to be custom made
Hytech is comming out with its kit, probbaly the most reliable but as well as the most expensive. It will replace some stock internals, right now they are working on the ECU, it should be out soon, they are promising 12 second quarter miles i belive! Check out, www. c l u b r s (take out the spaces)....It looks promising, and im counting on them since they have tons of experiance.... :vpleased: :vpleased: :vpleased: :vpleased: :vpleased: :vpleased: :vpleased: :vpleased:

Another setup to add to the mix...

Complete system at

Ultimate Racing Turbo Kit with:

Front Mount Intercooler
HKS External Wastegate
Tuned Piggy Back ECU

(This is not my site, just where I shop sometimes :) )
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