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RSX Type-R questions....

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What's msrp, HP, and torque on a 99 or 2000. What kind of mods are offered for these bad boys. Thanks
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AUSDM DC5 R's are believed to be the Type-S motor you guys have in USA.....although apart from that we get all the JDM goodies Eg Recaro seats, chassis, full JDM bodykit etc etc.....although we miss out on the sweer 4 piston Brembo brakes!:mad:
i dont think that was the reason besides AUSDM DC5R's are running 16's and the brembos will fit!.....just that Honda Australia probably didn't think consumers would need it and besides if we did get everything JDM car would cost in the high 50K region!...

yeah and Matrix (san) is using AP racing 6 piston Calipers mounted on 330x27mm rotors and he has 16's and it fits snuggly!
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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