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RSX Type-R questions....

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What's msrp, HP, and torque on a 99 or 2000. What kind of mods are offered for these bad boys. Thanks
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If I'm understanding correctly, there is no such thing as an RSX Type R in Japan. The DC5-R in Japan is still called the Integra. Aus gets a RSX-R, I think, but it's not the same as the Japan's version. Can anyone comment on this if it's wrong?
LAblue said:

didnt you read my post? :)
Yes, I did. I believe it said "theres no such thing is a rsx-typeR yet," which I thought was incorrect. I was under the impression that there is an AUSDM RSX-R. However, the Aus R has the Type S motor. No?
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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