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i got a camber kit on my car and i have 17 inch rims and its lowered about 2.5 inches. It rubs so much because of new tires. What can i do besides raise it back up? thanks
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anyone think it would be a good idea to shave some of the rear wheelwhell so i dont rub?
Everyone is buying bigger wheels, lowering the car, and then scraping or rubbing in the wheel wells. It happens to almost everyone. In the rear, you are going to need to roll up that finder lip. Do it with a heat gun so that you dont crack the paint. You are going to have to raise and lower the car as you go to get the bat in and out. Just stick the bat in, lower the car so that the bat fills the wheel well gap and push down on the bat... "Roll" it back and forth. I cracked my paint on the lip all to heck... I just repainted it... you can't see it anyway. Here are the directions:
Rolling the Fender Lip For Clearance
In front... You may want to trim your Finder liner and bend up the liner mounts over the wheel. It's mostly just over the wheel, and allong the outside edge of the finder that you want to cut out... ONLY IF YOU NEED TO though. If you have good springs / shocks that may not be any problem. Remember take your time. It's going to take like an hour to roll each rear fender right. Hope that helps you out!
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if you have 17" rims with +42 offset and
205/40-17 tires there shouldnt be any rubbing.
if your offset is +40 or +38 or you are running on 215/40-17 then its gonna rub like a mofo
Yes, its all about offset.

You need like a +45mm offset to be tucking 17s.
how do i find out what my offset is and how do i change it?
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