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Rule of Thumb when changing belts!??

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HI ac belt busted and now my alternator belt on my D16a is looking REALLy bad. I don't have a torque wrench or a tension bar....what is the basis on how you know when a belt is too tight? Just by examining it by hand, how can you tell? I heard that if you can turn it only half way then its ok....if you can turn it more then its too loose, and if you cant turn it half way then its too tight...

any pointers??


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I work at a honda dealership and I asked on of the other mechanics if you could make a alt belt to tight and yes it is possiable but not likely. Get the new belt on and use a crowbar wedge it between the head and the alt push the alt out untill the belt is nice and tight and then tighten the nut. Runn it if it doesn't squeel it is good. That is how I did mine and it has been fine for 20,000 miles
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