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5/4/2007 8:15:08
Rumor: Nintendo of America to Relocate
by James Brightman

A report from a reputable gaming website claims that Nintendo of America will relocate all of its sales and marketing. It's not clear if this will affect all of NoA, but employees have already been notified apparently. Targets for the new location include San Francisco and New York.

The folks over at Game Informer Online are reporting that sources close to the website have leaked information about a major move for Nintendo of America. According to the report, Nintendo's U.S. division is about to move its entire sales and marketing group out of Redmond, Washington to either San Francisco or New York.

Apparently, employees were told yesterday (May 3) that they would have to make a decision by June 1 about whether or not to relocate to the new offices (expected to be opened by this fall) or to accept a severance package.

Although Nintendo of America began its life in New York in 1980, back when it was selling the popular Game & Watch product line, it merged its facilities into new headquarters in Redmond, Washington in 1982. Obviously major development takes place in Japan, but Nintendo of America in Washington does house the Treehouse localization team, testing teams, Nintendo Power magazine, customer service, human resources, product warehouses and other facilities. Nintendo of America also has a manufacturing plant east of Redmond in North Bend.

At the moment, it's not clear if Nintendo plans to move other parts of its U.S. division or if it's just limited to sales and marketing. GameDaily BIZ has contacted Nintendo of America and we'll be sure to bring you more information as soon as possible.
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